Why is a Hiace popular?

I do it why a Hiace(Toyota/Japan) is popular, but this will be that "the capacity that I can transport is clear and is big" image just what of after all many people. A 200 system Hiace of the current model was so, too, but it was stable and continued keeping popularity of the top because the Hiace surpassed a minivan of all Japanese in such "capacity" from old days.
The company is particularly thankful for there being much transport volume. I only change it from the common minivan to the Hiace, and it may be what surcharge the efficiency of duties is. In addition, a Hiace will be absolutely better even if there was the vehicle of the level when I think about cost performance. It is used habitually in many companies and companies, and, from such a reason, the Hiace gets the present position.
A Hiace is absolutely cheaper than the minivan of the same level. There is actually the vehicle which is cheaper than a Hiace by minivan, but those car models are often inferior by a function, and it may be said that a Hiace is absolutely better if I see it generally.
This is because it is mass-produced in this way that Hiace 200 system is cheap though it is high-performance. This is to be able to say to all the industrial products not having been limited to a car, but becomes cheaper when I become popular and am mass-produced. And because it is cheap, popularity rises more and becomes cheaper more and more... I begin enthusiast circulation.